Oferta de la Semana Junio 01

Oferta de la Semana Junio 01

Oferta de la Semana Junio 01

Technical Data LEICA SPRINTER 100/100M LEICA SPRINTER 200/200M

Height Accuracy

Electronic Measurements Standard deviation height measurement per

with LEICA SPRINTER 1 km double run (ISO 17123-2)

aluminium staff 2.0 mm/0.079 in 1.5 mm/0.059 in

Distance Accuracy

Electronic Measurements

with LEICA SPRINTER Standard deviation distance measurement

aluminium staff 10 mm for D ≤10 m and (Distance in m 0.001) for D >10 m


Electronic Measurements 2 m/6.5 ft – 80 m/262 ft (from 0.5 m/1.6 ft – optical)

Measuring Modes Single and tracking

Time for Single Measurement <3 sec* Compensator Magnetic Damping Working Range ±10′ Setting Accuracy 0.8″ Measuring Programs Measure, Measure & Record (M version), Staff height and distance, Height difference with RL input, Adjustment Data Storage Internal Memory 500 measurements (M version only) Online Operations GSI format via RS232 (M version only) System Capability Auto recognition of inverted or normal staff Auto Off battery saving function Units (m/int ft/US ft1/8 in) On board Data Management/Handling capability (M version) Sensitivity in measuring Visible light, artificial light, dim conditions at 20 lux Environmental Conditions Dust/Water IP55 Power Supply AA dry cells (4LR6/AA/AM3 1.5 V) Weight <2.5 kg/<5.5 lbs